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The Rotary Club of Lynchburg

The Rotary Club of Lynchburg is Rotary Club #5765, part of District 7570 of Rotary International.

Chartered in 1917, we are one of the longest-serving clubs among the 46,000 clubs now active throughout the world.

Rotary Club of Lynchburg Dues:

E- member is $239 a year, billed twice a year at $119.50 each.  This does not include any lunches during our regularly scheduled meetings, which can be purchased on each visit for $20.

Active Rotarian is $599 a year, also billed twice a year at $299.50 each, and includes lunches for regularly scheduled meetings.

There are no fees to join or transfer into the club.

Guests interested in joining the Rotary Club of Lynchburg may attend club meetings/luncheons up to three times free of charge. Please email us if you plan to attend a meeting, so we may include you in our headcount for that day's meeting. The link to email us is below.

Membership applications are available upon request.

Meeting schedule and location

We ordinarily meet on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month, beginning at noon. Meetings are occasionally rescheduled due to scheduling conflicts. Each meeting lasts about an hour.

We hold our regular meetings over lunch at Oakwood Country Club, located at 3409 Rivermont Avenue in Lynchburg.